Allergies are miserable

Allersodes provide a unique natural approach

Most over-the-counter products only mask the underlying problem. Allersode homeopathic remedies reduce symptoms by  addressing the immune system.* 

It’s easy to incorporate Allersode products into your healthcare practice.

* Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

Allergies are miserable​

Allersodes provide a unique natural approach​

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More than 70 studies show that micro-dose allergens, taken orally, can reduce allergy symptoms and the need for other medications.* 

* Allersode products have not been clinically tested.

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Dr. Renee Hubka, ND
Dr. Renee Hubka, NDPortland, Or
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"I use the Allersode product line with majority of my patients. Here in Portland there is a lot of pollen, a lot of trees, and the results I get are phenomenal. My patients don't need to use allergy shots, they don't need OTC products, and they're super happy with the results!

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